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April 1, 2013
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Media3 Signs Exclusive InterGalactic Microsoft License

April 1, 2013 (REDMOND, Wash.)-- Cloud Hosting company Media3 Technologies announced today that they are one step closer to completing their datacenter opening on Pluto now that Microsoft has granted them exclusive rights to cloud hosting outside of our galaxy.

In April 1, 2012, working with Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic, Media3 announced joint efforts to open a datacenter on Pluto in an effort to have it reinstated as a planet by bulking it up. Soon after the announcement, Microsoft's ever vigilant licensing group politely reminded Media3 that their current agreements were not valid outside of this galaxy. Eleven months of negotiations have produced today's exciting licensing agreement.

"We're happy to finally come to terms with Microsoft on Pluto licensing. Bill Gates is a true gentleman to work with." said Media3 Project Engineer, Tony DaTigga. "Server by server, pound by pound, we will put Pluto back to it's rightful status as a recognized planet" he declared.

Sir Richard Branson had little to say at the announcement in Washington but was clearly pleased, sporting a world class smile.

The datacenter, expected to provide Media3 with enough capacity for at least the next millenium, is now expected to be fully operational by April 2014, just ahead of Pluto's next reinstatement hearing before the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

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