Virtual WorkPlace

Flexible desktop and application access from virtually anywhere on any device that follows you wherever you go.

Remote Desktop Hosting

To you and your employees any place is a workplace and any device should give you ready access to your desktop as well as corporate applications and data. With Media3 WorkPlaces, the traditional device based desktop moves to a state-of-the-art cloud environment providing your business with increased agility, flexibility and protection.

Rather than storing programs, data and applications locally on a PC hard drive, virtual desktops run on a remote centralized cloud platform within an Azure Global Data Center. As employees work locally, the files and programs they use are being processed and delivered from the cloud environment which you access as a service.

Provides access from virtually any device (smartphones, tablets, desktop pc's and laptops and a variety of platforms and Operating Systems ie windows, Linux, iOS, Android).

An ideal choice for any organization looking to take full advantage of the benefits of desktop virtualization while avoiding the high cost and complexity of deploying a solution in house.

Available in 2 Flavors:


Intended mainly for individual private desktop use. Starting at $39. monthly.


Beefier machines intended for multiple user access and granular control over user application access. Starting at $125 monthly.

  • Simple pay-as-you-go pricing. No Hardware or Software Purchases
  • Available as Individual Personal Desktops or Corporate Application Machines for multiple users and granular access control
  • Pick up where you left off... your desktop follows you wherever you go
  • Web based access to your apps built in
  • Eliminates Software license and compliance issues
  • Launch a single app or the entire desktop
  • Easily Distribute Your Apps to Employees via email
  • Easily Manage Users, Groups and Apps with our proprietary control panel
  • Access your apps from anywhere on any device
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Assures business continuity in the event of a disruption at your location
  • Dynamically Scalable Platform
  • Your local peripherals (printers, scanners, speakers, cameras,etc) function the same as always
  • Icons Run from your desktop the same as locally installed programs
  • Access our complete inventory of Microsoft software on a monthly pay-as-you go pricing model (Office, Visio, Sharepoint, Exchange, Lync, etc)