Remote Desktop FAQ

Media3 WorkPlaces is a fully managed desktop computing service in the cloud. It allows customers to easily provision cloud-based desktops that allow end-users to access the documents, applications and resources they need with the device of their choice, including laptops, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android tablets. With a few clicks , customers can provision a high-quality desktop experience for any number of users at a cost that is highly competitive with traditional desktops.

A WorkPlace is a cloud-based replacement for a traditional desktop or small business server. A WorkPlace is available as a bundle of compute resources, storage space, and software application access that allow a user to perform day-to-day tasks just like using a traditional desktop. A user can connect to a WorkPlace from any supported device (PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android tablets) . Once the user is connected to a WorkPlace they can perform all the usual tasks they would use a desktop computer for.

You can find the latest information on WorkPlace bundles here.

WorkPlaces provides users with the Windows Experience, provided by Windows Server 2012 R2 with RDS.

Once a WorkPlace is provisioned, users will receive an email with instructions explaining how they can connect to their WorkPlace. Then, the user can download client application for the device(s) they wish to use and can then connect to their WorkPlace.

By default, users can personalize their WorkPlaces with their favorite settings for items such as wallpaper, icons, shortcuts, etc. These settings will be saved and persist until a user changes them. An administrator can control restrict the user from this setting.

By default, users are configured as local administrators of their WorkPlaces. Administrators can change this setting and can restrict users’ ability to install applications.

Yes. Each WorkPlace runs on an individual instance for the user it is assigned to. Applications and users’ documents and settings are persistent.

You can either obtain applications by selecting one of the “Plus” bundles that are available with more software installed by default, or you can install your own software on the WorkPlace. If you install your own software, you can use whatever software distribution or installation method you prefer as long as it is supported by the underlying operating system (Windows provided by Windows Server 2012 R2)

The WorkPlaces service does not have any technical restrictions on the kind of software that you can install, and any applications that are compatible with the Windows experience provided by Windows Server 2012 R2 should run on your WorkPlaces. You are responsible for ensuring that you remain compliant with any licensing restrictions associated with any software you intend to install on a WorkPlace Account.

Users sign into their WorkPlace using their own unique credentials, which you provision for them.

You can reset their password by selecting the user in the User/Groups Area of the Media3 control panel.

By default, Windows Update is turned on, but you have the ability to customize these settings, or use an alternative patch management approach if you desire.

You can install your choice of anti-virus software on your users’ WorkPlaces.

To remove a user’s access to a WorkPlace, you can disable their account or remove it all together.

Local printing is fully supported.

By Default, your WorkPlaces account is configured to stream sound from your local speakers on operating systems that support this feature.

You have full control over the Windows Update configuration in your WorkPlaces.

The Media3 control panel lets you provision users, reboot, add/remove apps and more or you can use the traditional windows desktop for complete administration.

You can remove the account by selecting cancel in our control panel 'recurring transactions' area.

There is no practical limit to the number of WorkPlaces that you can setup.

No. There is no minimum requirement.

While the remoting protocol has a maximum round trip latency recommendation of 250 ms, the best user experience will be achieved at less than 120 ms.

You can get help from Media3 through any of our support channels.

WorkPlaces are priced on a monthly subscription basis. You pay a monthly fee for each WorkPlace you launch or each addtiionla user added beyond your plan limit.

Please see our pricing page for the latest information.