How To Reset the ColdFusion Administrator Password

If you have forgotten your ColdFusion administrator password please follow these directions to reset it.

1. Connect to the server using Remote Desktop Connection.

2. Navigate to the neo-security.xml file located in the ColdFusion /lib/ directory, for example c:\coldfusion8\lib\neo-security.xml

3. Open the file for editing using any text editor, we recommend notepad.

4. Find the section for

5. Change the value from true to false.

6. Save and exit the file.

7. Restart the ColdFusion service by going to the start menu > administrative tools > services. Right click on the ColdFusion Application service and click stop and when it is stopped right click again and click start.

8. In a browser, load the ColdFusion Administrator.

9. Expand Security and select CF Admin Password.

10. Check Use a ColdFusion Administration password.

11. Enter the new password and click Submit Changes.

12. Repeat steps 2-6 only this time make sure the value is changed back to true.