Cloud Hosting
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Technology / Infrastructure

Microsoft Hyper-v Cloud Platform.
Dell Enterprise grade cloud optimized hardware.
Fault Tolerant advanced storage.
cloud hosting Fully Redundant State-of-the-Art Datacenters

At the core of all Media3 services are the arsenal of sas70 type II compliant data centers at our disposal. Our facilities are built to an (N+1) or 2N standard. This means that for every piece of critical infrastructure, there is at least one available online spare. Most customers who invest in internal Data Centers are unable to afford the expense of this level of redundancy. However, Media3 customers are able to leverage the economies of scale associated with all of our customers. As a result you receive a superior level of redundancy than you would otherwise be able to deploy.
Fully redundant Data Center grade cooling system
Advanced temperature and humidity monitoring

Connections to multiple internet networks for redundancy
Regional carrier diversity with multiple fiber network connections
Diverse fiber optic entry into facility
Dual-factor biometric fingerprint scanners protecting Data Center environment
Access card system control for doors
Video surveillance with off-site storage
Redundant (N+1) power feeds
Advanced fire and smoke detection system
Advanced infrastructure monitoring including leak/water detection system

cloud hosting