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Cloud Servers FAQ

Are you struggling with the decision of moving to cloud based services? Or maybe having difficulty deciding which provider will work best for you and your business?

Making the right decision begins with being informed. Below is a list of questions you should be asking any provider as well as what you can expect from Media3.

Why would I want a cloud server?

A cloud server gives you the security, scalability and flexibility to grow as your business grows. Some of the biggest benefits of a cloud server are rapid provisioning, no hardware costs and complete OS control.

What is the difference between cloud servers and dedicated servers?

Unlike a dedicated server, a cloud server provides you and your business with a powerful and quick deployment solution to run your website(s), intranet, or custom applications without the upfront cost of a dedicated machine and OS licensing. Additionally, a cloud server is easily scalable to grow or shrink as your business needs.

Can my server cpu, ram and disks be upgraded/downgraded?

Yes, our cloud servers, enable you to change the resources on your server to fit your changing needs.

How do I manage my cloud server?

Media3 provides you with a custom Control Panel to quickly and easily administer your cloud server via a web browser interface. Additionally, you have the ability to have full remote access to your cloud server via RDP (remote desktop connection).

Do you bill hourly like some other providers?

No, unlike our competitors, we provide you a robust and flexible solution with a simple monthly pricing structure.

How do I know your business will be around in a few years?

Media3 has been a leader in developing best-of-breed hosting solutions since 1995. We are privately owned and operated and plan to continue to pave the way as a premier hosting provider. You can rest easy knowing that Media3 will be there for your business.

More questions? No problem. Our team is ready to help. Give us a call at (800) 903-9327 or you can fill out this email form to get all of your remaining questions answered.

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