Cloud Server Load Balancing
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Intelligent Cloud Load Balancers


Easily Load Balance Your Cloud Servers.

Provision load balancing services in just a few minutes.
Simple but powerful rules based routing options. Optimize bandwidth use with distributed disk caching.

1)Prevent app downtime.

    Load balancing can be used to spread internet traffic accross two or more web servers. In the event one of your server nodes becomes unavailable, the load balancer will autoredirect all traffic to the remaining servers online.

2) Rapid scaling
    When web applications experience a drastic increasein reaffic, load balancers can be used to easily scale your infrastrucxture. Easily add additional servers to your existing pool of web servers to handle incoming traffic.

Options: Round Robin
Least connection
URL test monitoring to determine the health of individual servers.
Client/Host name affinity.


  • HTTP based routing decisions built using rules that examine HTTP request information
  • Sophisticated load balancing algorithms to determine appropriate servers to service the HTTP requests
  • Health monitoring for live traffic and specific URLs to determine the health of servers with a set of configuration parameters provided to calibrate baseline server health
  • Client affinity to direct all requests from a client to a specific server by using cookies.
  • Host name affinity .
  • Management of multiple server farms to enable pilot management and A/B testing scenarios.
  • Management and monitoring of all configuration settings and aggregated runtime statistics through IIS Manager interface.
  • Support for Failed Request Tracing Rules
  • Disk-based caching
  • Cache hierarchy management
  • And More.....

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